Power Drive Controls








FC6 SCR Controller combines a Programmable Logical Device (PLD) with Phase Lock Loop (PLL) technology to achieve small size, low cost and reliable SCR firing circuits. The controller board forms a set of phase-balanced high current SCR gate pulses in response to a voltage or current control input. It features high gate isolation, insensitivity to mains voltage distortion, soft and instant start/stop functions, phase loss inhibit, PLL circuit fault inhibit and automatic phase sequence adjustment. It is the ideal SCR firing solution and device for industrial power supply, battery charger, motion control and other power electronics product applications.




Small size

Low cost, ease of use

3 or 6 pulse gating

Span and bias adjustment

Soft and instant inhibit   

Phase loss and PLL fault inhibit

Automatic phase sequence adjustment

50/60 Hz selectable operation                                        


Power supplies

Motor controls

Electrical heaters

DC Converters


Battery chargers

Electrical magnetic controls

Generator controls


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